Oil Slick Mint. Banner Vinyl Decal - Advanced

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Massive Mint. Banner - 20"

Cars come and go, but this rugged outdoor vinyl decal is forever!

Material Specs:

Our decals use only premium-grade vinyl that's cut, weeded, and backed in the USA! This high-gloss, oil slick decal comes ready-to-apply. Rated for a life of up to 8 years.
Decal dimensions: 20" w x 6.75" h.
NOTE: Listing is only for a Mint. vinyl decal and purchase of said decal does not come with a Mint. shirt, broken down GMC/Mercury combo, iPhone 6, trees, or human being.
ATTENTION : It is super important to the life and durability of the decal that you apply yours correctly. This includes using the proper glass cleaning technique prior to application, a stiff application card during application, and correct placement of the decal low enough so as not to be over-stressed by your windshield wipers (or impair your ability to see the road).  If applied improperly your decal will fall off. 

Before applying your graphic, wash the surface of your substrate with warm water and detergent. Do not use soaps or other cleaners with lotions or creams as they will leave a residue. Thoroughly rinse the surface and allow it to completely dry. Next you'll want to saturate a clean paper towel with a solvent-based cleaner and wipe the substrate surface. Be certain to follow all manufacturer safety guidelines when using any solvent. Dry the surface with a lint-free paper towel before the solvent evaporates, then you're good to go.

Application instructions:

Proudly cut in & shipped from Brockton, MA USA!