Haggard Racing Co. Fan Reviews

"Easy processing, great quality clothing." - Stephanie

"I appreciate Haggard's customer service! It's a rarity these days... it takes a lot to see a 16 year old boy get too excited; but boy oh boy he loved those decals!!!!" - Deb

"You guys rule! Im a proud 350z owner. And my dad n i race our mazdaspeed miata. Boost or gtfo!" - John

"so easy I did it in class." - Shea

"It's was rather easy my sti will be rocking the MINT. Decal" - Jose

"Had a little confusion with the hoodie sizing chart but the return policy is good so i went with a solid estimate for size. Overall good purchase" - Dan

"Fuckin mint sweatshirt" - Ian

"You guys ship hassle free to Canada! Thank You!! I have 3 teenage sons that love your company and represent for you here north of the boarder :) Keep up the great work. Keepin' it minty fresh here in Salmon Arm BC." - Stephanie

"I've watched haggard garage since 2012 so I decided to order up on a hoodie that says so!" - Bo

"As A Fan Of Haggard Garage I Found It To Be More Than Supporting To Buy A Haggard Racing CO. Hoodie And I Cant Wait Untill It Comes In!!!" - Luke

"Love you guys, great layout and models. Lol." - Matthew

Fast and simple checkout, instant email regarding the purchase, no complications, streamlined and efficient. Truly mint. - Christie

"100" - Mitchell

"AMAZING" - Evan

"The website is so clean,ordering is so easy and the products look hella mint.Proud to buy my first product online from you guys." - Omar