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    Orion Dajnowicz head shot for official Haggard Racing Co driven profile page

    Orion Dajnowicz: Up & Coming Pro AM Drifter

    Nothing turns Orion's gears quite like some mean peels, Mint. tandems, and hot clouds of melted tires. As an up & coming Pro AM Drifter, Orion has been making waves, and both SFR and fifteen52 have signed on as official sponsors.

    Fun fact: Orion has successfully drifted every track in New England, from the OG "Little Miata That Could" to the S14, and his newly tuned 303 whp Genesis. 

    Cameron Currier head shot for official Haggard Racing Co sponsored driver profile

    Cam Currier: Up & Coming Pro AM Drifter

    Fresh off a fiery V8 swap, Cam's itchin' to melt some tires in his beast of a 240.

    Fun fact: When he's not ruining rubber, Cam spends his time honing his mechanic skills by working on his and the other Drift Team Haggard drift missiles.


    Caleb Quanbeck head shot for official Haggard Racing Co sponsored driver profile

    Caleb Quanbeck: Up & Coming Pro AM Drifter

    Caleb is the newest edition to the Haggard Racing Co. roster, but he's been daily shreddin' since before it was cool. With deep knowledge of the ins & outs of a quality build, Caleb's shown that he's serious about bangin' doors with the best of 'em. Proof of his professional progress can be found in his growing list of sponsors: BC Racing, KONIG, ISR Performance, Radium Engineering, NRG, Holley Performance, Zestino Tyres USA, Habortown Fabrication, Earl's Performance Plumbing, and HOONIGAN.

    Fun fact: Soon to come!